Experience Gift Ideas That Are Personal and Unique

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Experience Gift Ideas That Are Personal and Unique


Experience gifts are great choices for many occasions. They offer a unique way to show someone that they are very special to you. Indoor skydiving is the perfect gift for the individual who has been wanting to try it but did not know where to go or how to do it. Experiential presents, also called experience gifts and outdoor gift experiences, as opposed to just physical gifts, allow the recipient to get an actual experience, like kayaking, skydiving or touring a wine factory. Either one of these experiences can be shared with others, and is a great way for your friend or family member to learn something new.

In the business world experience gifts or indoor skydiving are a great choice for business associates, clients, or employees to gain an insight into something new or learn a new skill. Knowledge is power and if your friend just received a citation for speeding, they would greatly appreciate your giving them an experience gift related to skydiving. Kayaking is a great sport for all ages and can be shared by everyone. They can see the exhilaration as well as the risks and can come away with some valuable lessons.

There are many adventure gifts that can be personalized for anyone in your life. When given to a young person they can be related to their hobbies or past experiences, but when given to the adults, like a business associate, they can be a great way to introduce them to new things or take them on a lifelong adventure. The great news is these gifts do not have to be expensive, and they can be customized with your recipient’s name and date of the experience. The options are endless and the memories created are lasting.

For the giver, giving experience gifts allows you to give something memorable and valuable to help create happy memories for the people who receive them. Gifting experience presents is a great way to end a memorable holiday, birthdays, or special event. With personalization you can include everything from the accessories to the photos. The photos can be used as collages in a scrapbook or printed as a framed image to hang in their office.

Everyone has different hobbies and past experiences. You might want to consider gifting a lifetime membership to a club or organization. This could be something that the recipient has wanted to try but never been able to find the time or money to join. You can help them experience the fun and adventure they would get with membership in their preferred club. You can add a personal touch with the membership card, such as a personalized logo or slogan to commemorate their accomplishment.

Another idea for an experience gift is a smartbox group project. Smartbox is a group of five people who are experts in a certain area. They brainstorm ideas, share information, and come up with the best answers for a question. You can make this experience gift even more special by giving the group a chance at creating an online community, hosting a party, or doing a competition. They can take part in things like a scavenger hunt, a trivia quiz, or even a competition to see who knows the most. A personalized Smartbox Group Project could contain anything from an answer to a trivia question to the history of computing to a recipe.

For someone who loves cooking, you may consider giving your loved one the chance to attend cooking classes. You can find a local community college that offers cooking classes and request that a customized gift certificate be included in the gift. A personalized cookbook would make a great gift for someone who likes to cook. You can also add a personalized recipe card for them to keep and to use when cooking for family and friends. You can create a memory book for them to take home after the class is over and include an additional personalized recipe for them to try.

Another great gift for a loved ones that loves cooking is a savings bond for a number of fun experiences. These savings bonds can involve things like a wine tasting, a day on the slopes, zip lining, deep sea fishing, skiing, hiking, or whitewater rafting. Some savings bonds require a specific amount of money to be spent before they are fulfilled, so be sure to choose the adventure that your gift recipient would enjoy. After all, they would rather have the luxury of a luxury vacation than have to work hard to pay off a debt.