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Experiencing Gift Ideas


Experience gift baskets are a great way to show a special someone that you care about them and their interests. These can be great as birthday, anniversary, holiday, or thank you gifts. A unique experience gift gives the perfect opportunity to give something that is memorable, while still within their budget. The only problem is not everyone seeks out this type of experience gift. So, if you do know someone who is interested in experiencing something new or pursuing a lifelong passion, let them know that you’re thinking of them by giving them a unique experience gift basket.

Experience gift baskets are a unique blend of fun, relaxation, and adventure. These type of gifts will let your loved one take a break from the everyday grind and have an amazing experience. Experiential gifts, rather than material gifts or just plain stuff, let the recipient have an experience, like kayaking, skydiving, white water rafting, or touring a vineyard. These can be great family getaways, too, if your family enjoys spending time together doing activities that inspire and enrich their relationship. The possibilities are endless.

One great idea for the holiday season is to give certificates for any one of our four incredible kid-friendly destinations. For example, we’ll send your kids to Adventureland USA to experience the ultimate in fun, adventure and creativity. If your kids love playing video games, then we have a very exciting destination for them to visit in the city of Orlando, Florida. Kids will love the Sea World Water Park, where they can go dolphin watching, riding on the latest roller coaster, or enjoying a variety of kids games at Splashy Rivers.

If you want to surprise your loved one but don’t have the budget for a trip to a theme park, let them enjoy a day at the spa instead! If you’d like something a little more romantic for the holiday season, maybe consider gifting a couples’ package to include dinner at a local hotel or dinner and show at a local theater. These types of experiences aren’t usually available as individual gifts, but can be included in a romantic couples’ gift certificate or wedding package. A little research will help you find a gift certificate with a wide variety of options. When you’re planning your next trip, think about the different types of experiences your loved one would truly enjoy and consider putting together an experience gift certificate to include it.

Did you know that your children could be visiting Santa in the form of experience gifts? Experience gift certificates can be used to treat kids to various types of hobbies, adventures and tours. Think of taking the family to the zoo or to a kids’ show, or combining the two for an educational night at Santa’s North Pole Workshop. Your kids can also experience Christmas shopping in a shopping mall filled with hundreds of toys and decorative pieces made by hand. Or your children can visit Santa in his reindeer sleigh, where they’ll receive a bag of their favourite cookies and a special toy under the tree. Experience gifts like this are sure to make your children happy.

Experience gifts don’t have to be just for adults. Kids of all ages enjoy adventure, too, and they love to visit museums, aquariums and zoos. For a day or two, send your child to a daycare so he or she can gain new skills or meet new friends. In addition to experience gifts for kids, consider sending your loved one a customized book about the place where they’re going. This could be a great way to surprise them before they leave for vacation!

Did you know that the Internet is an incredible place for finding gifts for your loved ones? Not only can you find the perfect experience gift for any occasion, but you can find some mind-blowing experiences that will really inspire them. If you know someone that loves to travel, then check out the various websites that offer fabulous deals on airfare, rental cars, and tickets to exciting destination attractions. You can buy your loved one a gift certificate for whatever adventures they’re dying to try out!

Another unique experience gift option that will impress your loved one is a cooking class. There are many websites that offer cooking classes that are designed specifically for people who enjoy cooking as a hobby. If you know the person you’re giving the gift to, you may even be able to convince them to try a cooking class. For example, if your gifting basket includes barbecue sauce, a brush set and a book on the basics of baking, you can get your gift recipient a recipe book for the oven or a book that has a variety of easy to make desserts. A great recipe for your gifting basket can be the perfect gift for a person that loves to cook, but may not have ever tried some of the other types of recipes available.